1 week at redcliffe


well here I am another blog at redcliffe since last Sunday since then I have attended 9 two hour lectures and 8 different meetings and one assignment. Ranging from discussing placements, Christian ethics and a overview of the old testament doing the whole of genesis and introducing the module in 2 hours.but now I have had to choose which ones I will get marked on from now till Christmas. which is 2 redcliffe terms. So my plan is for Monday's to do.
9AM Bible Study Methods/ Group bible leadership
11AM Growth of World Christianity (mostly western)
9AM look after Hanna whilst Ju-hee goes to lecture of cross-cultural communication.
11AM attend devotions then home groups.
9AM Modern Missionary Movement (Protestant and early church)
11AM Team work course
9AM Christian Ethics.

And I may attend some other modules like the history of the old testament and doing presentations. depend on how I do with the homework.
The house

We are staying in redcliffe house which is a 3 floor former B&B opposite the college where we have got the 2 rooms in front the master bedroom basically at the front of the house. but split into 2 rooms and a small en-suite shower room. This is around the same size of our apartment in Mongolia including its kitchen. We have got a nice and comfy double bed if creaky and a cot for Hanna. A wireless connection to the internet. and 2 choices to go upstairs either the main 'grand' stair case or the servants route near the kitchen which goes up to the top floor as well.
There is also a crèche as well in the house but Hanna is not old enough yet and it will probably get over subscribed once she is.

God bless


edit - I forgot a customary video, so here's this years official redcliffe one

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  1. HI Tom

    your email brings back memories of our family at bible college (i must have a really really long memory)

    glad to see that Ju-Hee has found a subject this term that interests her i know going to lectures part time really helped me to feel an integral part of college life

    we are having a barn dance at church tonight and a special harvest celebration service tomorrow at 4.30 pm seems an odd time for a sunday service as we have cancelled the morning service this week we have invited the children and parents from our friday kids clubs to come along on sunday afternoon so please pray for good response

    love to Ju-Hee and cuddles for Hanna

    Tina G


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