Plan A is a go!


Well Ju-hee has got a visa,so we are happy, would feel better if we hadn't had stress over the last 24 hours thinking the visa had been denied as all the website and phone calls would tell us is that the application was being 'returned'.
which sounds negative to me!
So we should be all arriving at Gatwick on the 21st August. Thanks for peoples prayer over the visa, now on to the finances ;).
On the other side of things on Tuesday I went to visit a alternative school they have in korea, basically for the kids who get chucked out of the normal schools for misbehaviour to share my testimony which all seemed to go fine, I shared mostly about my childhood, skimming the later stuff which I gave to the church when they wanted it. Unfortunately we didn't stay much longer afterwards and the pastor of the local church here took as for a tour of the local area, which was quite beautiful and untouched unlike a lot of korea, they seem to build dual carriageways where we would have normal roads, etc... Ending up haven't lunch at 4pm! and then heading home. which was unfortunately hot stuff and rice which didn't really help the appetite! but at least i got out of the house unlike Ju-hee who was left at home.
so see you on the 21st.

God bless

Tom,Ju-hee and Hanna.

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