In the uk


just to say we are now all back in the UK, Ju-Hee's visa worked all fine,got through easily once we did a short NHS bit. Flights were pretty much uneventful, emirates as a airline was fine but Dubai was freezing and overcrowded,We had to be on the floor for a hour waiting to get through to the gate to go straight to the bus, so was a shame not to use the seats we had been eyeing for the last hour but where locked away from us.
So I look forward to catching up with people in the next 3 weeks that we are in Sussex.


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  1. 1st Sept

    Thank you for the update

    Whats this "me and Ju-hee" nonsense. Your grammar needs improving before you disassemble Hanna

    For the record it should be

    JU-hee and I ....... (yes she comes first and dont u forget it



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