Almost home


well i am currently this in ju-hee's where we are staying from last night till we go to the airport on Tuesday night, for once i don't need to worry about rushing for the emergency exit row seats as with a baby you only get a fixed choice but they do tend to have more space.
So soon i will be able to be back and go to the toilet with out worrying about the 14 other buttons that i have no clue about. Get driving again, i went cycling today, kept on finding myself drifting to the wrong side of the road but i doubt on a single track it makes much difference. My father in law's bike is small and heavy which didn't help either but was good to do for a change.
Luggage wise we seem to be ready not sure whether to post ju-hee's larger items or take to the airport will call them tomorrow.
Hanna is growing well , even seeming to grow visibly when we did not see her for two days. will upload more photo's when i get to the UK as i am on my father on law's pc.
Instead of this i include a video from our wedding last year i found of us growing up. which you may have missed.

God bless


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