Visa's and new passports all in


Thanks for everyone prayers me and ju-hee had a good morning in Seoul today and managed to first apply for Hanna's birth registration, UK passport then Ju-hee's settlement visa for the UK.
Only 1.5 million won ish in total and only one extra fee from the British embassy of 140kw/£70 for giving us a actual certified copy of the birth certificate.
We should get all this lot back in a couple of weeks if all things go to plan. It all seemed to go quite optimistically so please pray that nothing delays the visa. We plan to move cities next Monday from Ju-hee's friends house to her uncle's place in suwon, So her mother can go back to supporting Ju-hee's father instead of us. She has been a really good help, but we do need to learn for outselves.
Although for the record i would like to point out whilst writing the 3rd line to this blog, I went to change hanna's nappy with out being asked (except by hanna, skwirming and light crying gave it away).

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