Suwon Pt2

Just an update from my time now here in Suwon, as I am still with Ju-hee’s uncle, On Monday it was the anniversary of Ju-hee’s grandfather’s death, so we all got up at 7 and went for a drive to Daejon national cemetery about 2 hours drive away, to meet up with Ju-hee’s parents and her brother. I have enclosed a little video I took of us there.
As he is a veteran he is buried with other war hero’s and being Korean it’s in number order no relation to dates or names just per a number.
But the cemetery is wonderfully well kept, flowers by every grave, guard at the entrance a small outside museum so you can see the sort of vehicles they used during the war, quite impressive really.
After this we went back to Suwon all of us together to visit a discount clothing shop, which strangely enough had a 90% sale, but of course a strange brand name And a leaflet saying prices around the world that these things are marketed at, for example
Korea 79,000 Won
USA 71$
Japan 7523 Yen
France 56 Euros
UK 56 Euros
China 564 Yuan

Didn’t realise we used the euro ;) of course the item concerned had a price tag of 3000won so even less than 90% of. But I got a new shirt and some other bits. Then after that at 3pm we finally went for some lunch/ supper, a good feast for eight and a baby for 96,000won (£40 ish).
Hanna of course enjoyed all the attention she could get during the day.
We are still awaiting news on Ju-hee’s visa as they requested more information which they should have got to day if the post worked fine. So please pray that will be enough. So that we can worry about the next thing paying for the course at Redcliffe which works out as £1.5k a month approx including food and rent.
Here is a video and some photo's of the day there are more photo's on the picassa site link to the right.




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  1. I saw Hanna's video as well as you & Ju-hee's photo. Does she already eat bananas? Ah~I think she's growing fast. She's so lovely and cute.

  2. Nope she was just smelling / tasting it, didn't eat it. We have to wait till she is 6 months old before we start weaning her.


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