In Suwon PT1


Well I am now at Ju-hee’s uncles house a local gadget freak, got a 50” HD TV in the kitchen, a large HD projector (120” screen) in the upstairs lounge and quite a lot of remote controls. But no desks, but got a chest of drawers that seems to do the job. Unfortunately the TV only seems to show Korean drama’s which are about the same as neighbours the only good part is the fact I cant understand them at all.
He is a manager at Samsung so he gets discounts etc…
On the visa side of things they have worked out the fact I won’t be earning next year so are checking up on the church support so might delay things a bit. Also we are waiting for hanna’s passport to book the flights as she needs one, Any ideas on flights?
Cheapest with 1 airline we can find so far is emirates via dubai. Not quite sure about the other ones swapping airlines as it means sorting out all the baggage as well the waiting, Either via Hong Kong or Amsterdam. I was tempted by a boat to Hong Kong but my wife doesn’t want to waste time.


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