A note from my wife

This is from last Thursday so we are now all at home, and i am on the PC whilst mum and baby are taking a nap.


Thank you for your blessing toward Hanna and us.

I am getting better and better. Hanna is growing very well and Tom stays to take care of me all day in hospital. We will go back home on Saturday with our Small baby Hanna but, she is long like Tom.

For short time, we have been engaged, married and have a baby. We have stayed in Korea, England, Korea, Mongolia and we will stay in Korea again, and go on to England.

As I think about all these things, it is good time in God's time. We think that we'll realize God's grace, heart as bring up baby Hanna. And I thank you for your blessing and pray again.

Please pray for us as a new family with Hanna and our future for God.

Thank you very much.


Ju Hee.

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