End of May- isnt it meant to be hot


Well its time to write my last blog in Mongolia for the feasible future, as I am leaving on the 11th June to join my wife Ju-hee in Korea till we all come back to the UK late august.
First with the weather report, as its getting to the end of the Mongolian spring,on sunday there was a high of 30 degree C and on Monday it snowed half the day, and that's with-out it being a bank holiday. And wed's morning the snow even settled.I guess everyone prayed for a sunny weekend and forgot the rest of the week and the hot water which has been off for 4 days.
Work wise I am pretty much finishing up already, having done the server and its been stable for over 2 weeks. My colleague Bernd has started his journey's again going to Erdinet for the week. But I will get to leave the city as I have a trip planned out next weekend as a little holiday. Although somehow its turned in to a IT guy's retreat as its 4 IT guys going 1 Mongolian, 1 Dutch and 2 English.
Church wise I have recently been going to a different church on a Sunday at the state department store where its a Mongolian service but the OHP has English subtitles and the sermon gets translated which is good. The Sunday before last I went and didn't need a translator as 2 American guy's did the sermon taking it in turns to talk just to confuse the translator..
At the end of the service they decided to pray for everyone. When the guy got to me he said 'What you doing here? You don't need guidance, you know god's plan in your life go and sit down.' which I was quite surprised at but confirmed the thoughts I had whilst waiting as I was hoping he would pray about things that were just myself doubting. So he didn't pray for me but I don't think I needed it from him rather from people who know me more.
But I am still attending the usual church on Thursday gave away a bag full of clothes to be passed on last week in my attempt to tidy up the stuff I have acquired over the last 2 years. As I can't fly it all out of the country.
Redcliffe wise getting Ju-hee's visa is moving along slowly still gathering information although most of their requests are very vague, like "how many children do you have?" and " where are they?" 0.8 children and in my wife's womb.

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