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Well after another month time to write another blog , all is going fine here now that I have finally solved the email issue it seemed that upgrading our anti virus caused a problem that did not appear till a week later meaning that we could not send any emails and either our email provider or the software people could figure it out, but eventually I worked it out.
But at least in the mean time we managed to sort out a new fixed IP address so we are no longer sharing the same web address as everyone else with the local ISP.
Anyway on a non technical note, the baby is doing well. Ju-hee is planning on going to Korea in a month to get some rest (if she stays here she will keep working) and prepare for a year in England as I have been accepted to Redcliffe college to do a years study called professionals in mission, which should be interesting for the both of us if not expensive! I think money wise I can either spend 3-4 months in Mongolia or 1 month in Redcliffe, but equally once it is done it should help me long term esp next time one of the church's ask me to preach.
As well as giving Ju-hee to have some time in the UK and improve her English whilst looking after the baby.
Mission wise we had a prayer meeting the other day after the retreat planning meeting which I am helping on although I am now unsure if I get to go or not. But anyway what was interesting about the prayer meeting was that the leader brought along a map of Mongolia and we started to go through it Imag by Imag (Imag's being the Mongolian equivalent of counties except the fact that almost all of them have a land area bigger than the UK and less population than 1 county in the UK). But basically the map showed how much further God had to go in this country as most of the area's only had a church in half the villages at most and its hard to tell if the church's are still active or not. As Mongolians (and missionaries) are nomadic still, so church leaders come and go. The most information coming from the guys at UBTC (Union Bible Theological college) who train Mongolians to be church leaders as they have former students out in the field. I left halfway through the country which was 2 hours in to the meeting! And we had avoided discussing UB for another night.
Before the meeting I had been feeling how small and comfortable the country is as I have not left the capital so far this year, so it was a good way for God to open my eyes again. Esp discussing how difficult it is to live in the outer area's although some inconstancies are becoming apparent like recently the government has rolled out fibre optic cable to all the Imag capitals to allow internet access only problem is the electricity out the city is even more unreliable.
But we do have people prepared to go out and quite a group in byonhongor one of the place's I visited last year to do IT support of which my colleague Bernd is now on his 2nd trip. We still have not decided who goes to Erdinet I may go after Ju-hee leaves for Korea as it's not fair to leave her in the city alone.
My April fool for the office this year was to install a BSOD (blue screen of Death) screen saver on everyone's PC's but it didn't seem to upset anyone just annoy them as I set it to 1 Min activation by accident and it also asked the user's if it could be installed which kind of gave it away.
On the weather side of things which I am obliged to talk about being a English man, we finally had the first rain of the year , well I assume it was rain it was accompanied by lightening and thunder and the ground was a little wet in the morning but I did not actually see it fall, but at least it put a temporary stop to the dust storms, instead of getting sand in your face when you go outside,its back to feeling freezing. But that's a Mongolian spring for you.
The tip for this month is if you hear something moving behind you and a breeze on the back of your neck DO NOT TURN AROUND, shut your eyes and hold your breath for a few seconds. Also don't cross the road too quickly after a car has passed or you get covered in more dirt.

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