Mid March update


Well we have been in Mongolia for almost a month now so I thought I may find time to write a blog.
we are settled in got a 1 room apartment as they call them here i.e. 1 main room 1 kitchen 1 bathroom and a little bit of corridor and a separate closet which is v. hard to find! all for £72 a month rent in building .I also purchased more furniture. a sofa bed ,2 chest of drawers , kitchen cabinets 2 tables and 6 stools and 2 chairs all for £145.30 according to my finance software and got most of the rest of the stuff we need either from JCS or MK school.
Ju-hee is working for MK school where she worked for when she was last hear for the next month whilst they get a new teacher to replace the one who did not show due to a car accident in Korea. Her comments on the returning to my parents was..

"Mongolia has been changed on many sides as comparing 2years ago.
High Price, Many cars, Many Mongolian rich people, decreasing beggars, increasing working places, many buildings......
3years ago, MK vice principal bought apartment for 20000$ but As she went back to Korea and sold apartment over 40000$. "

I am working in the office once more, but now taking more of a leadership role with Bernd a new IT graduate from Holland who is here for 4 months and Jiguur back from her maternity leave and the fact that John-mark is working on leaving soon and very much on leaving mode. So the office is a bit crowed with 4 people and 3 desk’s although we have managed to avoid being in the same place at the same time so far.
Last Tuesday I went to see Monriko school where I did some work last year to see that although the English learning software still isn’t working but the security and power protection I put in place has lasted so that is a good thing at least. Although the virus updates had never got updated although as the teacher had lost our instructions.
Although we are now thinking roll back software similar to the sort they have in Internet café’s but that needs further research.
My mum asked me the other day how was the weather this week, and got confused when I said everything! Although that was only partially correct as we are now in the Mongolian spring, so some days snow, some day sand storm, some days sunny if not all 3 in the same day, but the majority of the time it is dry,cold and slightly foggy/ smoggy. And in the shadows the snow is still around even a week after snowing!

Also I would like to announce that Ju-hee is pregnant and the baby is due in the summer .

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