Now in Korea


This is just a short blog as I havnt been up to much since the blessing,(well except a lot of travelling) which we all enjoyed, photo's are around if needed although any good ones that people can send to me will be appreciated. It all went so well there's nothing funny to write about it, just sorry for the few people who could not make it.

Ju-hee has handed in her notice now and we plan to leave for Mongolia around the 21st to 25th February depending on flights, so for the next few weeks I will be in Ju-hee's apartment in Dong-hea , South Korea, using the local swimming pool and other stuff although we will be travelling else where to celebrate the New Year and Ju-hee's birthday.

I am also gonna use the time to look in to colleges to decide on the next step after Mongolia this year. I was particularly impressed by Redcliffe which I visited on the 25th Jan for their open day having only heard about the open day from OMF on the 22nd and the open day on the 24th. Although I have no clue what the rest of the city is like.

God bless


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