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Sorry again I haven't blogged again for a while been a bit busy planning the Blessing on Saturday 19th at 5pm at All Saints church, Lindfield, and having a 4 day honeymoon in Paris which was lovely, some pictures are on my photo site as usual,

Ju-hee's parents have now arrived safely despite the drama at Heathrow airport yesterday their flight landed about 45mins early but the fact it took them a hour and half to get out in to freedom negated the early arrival.


Well Paris was interesting was different to be back in a proper city again, completely different again to any Ju-hee and myself have been in, plenty of beggars and people sleeping rough. But also some fantastic sights to see the Arch d'triumph offered the best view as its more central, even better than the Eiffel tower, as they would only allow us to the 2nd floor not all the way to the top. Although all the steps where a bit of a pain esp when you get to the top and realise there is a lift!! although that's meant to be for the disabled and probably doesn't work as the renovations are currently running 2 years late. According to the sign someone has helpfully readjusted.

The Eurostar was great nice easy check-in especially at the London end. Even when the ticket dispensing machine broke under the strain of printing 4 tickets and we had to go the main office. Security was also entertaining coffee not allowed but pen-knife's in bags are fine. Although finding a rubbish bin is a bit more tricky. It was also good to see around when we travelled rather than watching a screen as you have to in a airline and a swift change of seats to get leg-room was done both times successfully.

Food wise as that is what half of going to Paris about was magnificent from a MacDonalds to a Korean restaurant we found near the notre dame. Although we did also manage to fit in the odd French restaurant as well as a Indiana place( um proper burger) a Italian pizza place (good red-brick oven) and a Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant. So we had a good range and the stomachs survived in full.

On the Wednesday We went to the louve museum to see my great,great,great ... grandmothers portrait "Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-le brun" as well as a few others which was plenty of walking then we walked all the way to the arch d'trimuph then up all the stairs. Then on to the Eiffel tower, so on the Thursday we just did the notre-dame can they pay someone to clean the windows so we can actually see inside the church, then relaxed.

The boat trip which we did on the first night the Tuesday was also good, just to put everything in perspective.

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