Well I have finally escaped from the bedroom, so I can write a blog about the wedding and my time in Korea so far and also to alert people of the fact I have put some pictures of the wedding up on my website see link above.

The wedding ceremony went well, bit confusing as they seem to have everything the other way around to an English wedding, outside the church at least. The first thing we did as a marrying couple was to get a set of han bock's which was done the day after I got engaged to Ju-hee,then a week before the wedding a few days after I arrived in Korea we went to the wedding shop where I proceeded to be dressed and then waited about a hour for Ju-hee to be made 50's style pretty.

After that I was forced to have make-up and a fake Tan so that I wouldn't look so white in front of the camera's. Then we were taken outside in to the freezing temperature's, it doesn't help that the stuff we rented was designed for summer weddings! And driven to another place which I later found out was only a few minutes walk away. Then we took all those photo's of me and Ju-hee including a few costume changes, More of them for Ju-hee than me, all of which took 2 hours. By which time we were very much ready for lunch.

Then the next day I went to church were Ju-hee and myself met with the pastor after church, to agree on the vows and to go through the plan of the service mostly for her benefit as I could not understand very much fortunately I got to say the vow's in English and I seemed to remember most of it for the next week although I never used the little speech he gave me.

Then on Wednesday I went to fetch my parents, who were staying at the Hyatt hotel so as I arrived 2 hours before them at the airport I checked in, discovered the TV was rubbish so tried out the hotel swimming pool, Hot tub and sauna, all very nice. Then discovered I had spent too long and only just made the airport on time.

Then I had a good meal with my parents had a lovely steak from Jeju island,S. Korea, lovely but expensive. Then the following day after a large breakfast, I do love buffet breakfast. Although took a while to find some thing as simple as Toast as the machine was in a different restaurant.

Then we got collected by Ju-hee's parents and driven to chuncheon the long scenic way, stopping for lunch at good restaurant, to get my parents acquainted to Korean food including sitting on the floor to eat. Then on arrival in chuncheon my parents got taken to a shop to get measure for their han bocks which I am yet to see. So I am unsure of what design they ended up with as things got confusing. As the lady wasn't as helpful in the shop as when I went elsewhere. But I think my parents just ordered a whole outfit rather than going through 1 bit at a time as I did.

Then fortunately we all made it to the hotel and met up with Alex who had his own adventures in Seoul and had made his own way there. The next day we did several things a meal with Ju-hee's father's relatives and a trip to the local dam's which I am sure look better in summer!

Then on the Saturday the wedding day. Ju-hee and family came to fetch us and both mothers , ju-hee and myself went to the make-up shop to get ready whilst both dad's and Alex got to look at one of the local museums. (wish I had gone as well ), Once ready we went to the church.

Where me and Ju-hee got shown to one of the room's and whilst everyone else had lunch we greeted people, had photo's taken etc.. then got taken up to the service, halfway up I realised that I didn't have the rings which I was meant to give to the pastor before the service, and I could not work out whether I had or not. So I spent most of the service wondering when he was going to ask for them, but fortunately he never did , as the wedding was more of a church blessing and getting married by God not legally so he assumed we did not want to do the ring thing as he had no rings to put on us! So all went fine. Ju-hee made a good slide show which I hope to show people at the blessing. Then after the service we had a good round of pictures with everyone in the front of the church, they moved the pews away to make space etc.. we managed to escape with some food which I promptly ate a good portion whilst Ju-hee continued to be sociable!

Then me and Ju-hee retired to the local hotel for the rest of the day. Then the next day we all went to church together for a normal service although had to stand up to be welcomed, as well as a missionary who was being commissioned at the afternoon service, which I also attended.

With a goodbye meal at a local restaurant in the middle who had provided a display and a private room that my parents had arranged to congratulate us on our wedding. After the church me and Ju-hee stayed the night at the hotel again, whilst my parents & Alex had already gone off back to the airport.

Then the following day we visited Ju-hee's uncle and Grandmother, as she was not able to make the wedding and stayed at her parents house for a day, then on Wednesday went to Seoul to do all the paperwork which was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We even got to see a local museum whilst waiting for the final signature. Then we headed back to Dong-hea, where Ju-hee teaches where we have been since. Done a few more Korean language lesions so I now know 5 letters out of the alphabet and got a clue on a few more. As well as being acquainted with the local shops, and having to reply to all the local school kids who want to practice their English.

So a busy time, but all good, both Ju-hee and myself will be in England for Christmas till the 28th Jan so I look forward to catching up with people.

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