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Just thought I'd write a bit more whilst I am in Korea, with some free time. She thinks I am still asleep in the local hotel.

I am still planning on coming home as planned via Hong Kong arriving on the 13th November. But I will be leaving on the 26th to go back to Korea to finish arranging stuff for my wedding on the 8th. Where we will stay together and come back for Christmas and New Year until just after my birthday.

Then head back to Korea for a few weeks then on to Mongolia together. Until at least the summer where I can have some time to hand things back to Jiguur and do any other project's that come up, hopefully including sometime in Erdinet.

Thanks for everyone's well wishes.

About the actual engagement I did get down on one knee, and before I did ask her father in Korean 'Ju hee, chu se yo' which mean's give me Ju hee which got a good laugh as we was expecting me to ask in English. And it translates as give me Ju hee. But as thing's were mostly all arranged of course she said yes and accepted my ring.

So I look forward to seeing people as I come back to England but if I miss you , you may meet us both in January.


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