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Well I am writing this in a bar at Gatwick airport enjoy a pint of bombardier, some may think a bit early for it but I am trying to adjust time zones!

Sorry I have not updated for Korea but I have been busy, with a productive time, which I will blog about here.

One thing was my stag night which whilst I did not get really drunk I am sure 4 pints had some effect. I managed to be up for 2am at least. We had a meal at the new Orleans where I had 2 pints of John smiths, followed by the Sussex with a bombardier and a pint of Sussex in some other pub, as Chaston who made the effort of coming down from Wales had to have a pint of Sussex before returning. I was also dressed up as Elvis but unfortunately I don't know any of the moves and had my hair cut before going so it was no longer long enough.

I also managed other events like both Sundays I attended a tea about mission in the tiger, Presenting about my time abroad in the first one, sharing a few photo's and prayer points, whilst in the 2nd one, a guy from OMF was presenting about the need for people in Asia and in particular in china, especially for skilled workers.

Whilst in my home life I have given my dog's a few walks, got rid of my 28" TV, stand,desk, moved 100 ish DVD's from their cases to CD carriers, got a new chest of drawers and desk on the way. As well as preparing a new laptop for my mum.

So enough about the past, I am now going to Korea to get married, which I am excited about despite the fact I sometimes hide these things. Due to see my fiancée in about 24hours going via Dubai and a medium length coach trip after I arrive in Inchon, Seoul. Where I will stay in a local hotel for next week sorting stuff out with her and catching up on things electronic. Local to my g/f at least in Donghae, Then heading up to chuncheon to see my parents on the 6th December to do final arrangements. Till the marriage on the 8th December there. After that I will say goodbye to mum and dad and stay with Ju-hee till I fly back for the 20th December, by then hopefully my room will have been painted and I can get it ready for Ju-hee to arrive on the 23rd.

So I look forward to seeing people after I arrive back from korea. The current plan for a blessing is at all-saints at 5pm on the 19th January, please advise me of your postal address's if you think I may have forgotten in the past year and a half so I can sort out sending out the invites.

God bless


P.S. I couldn't post it in Gatwick as I ran out of time whilst looking for my credit card details so posting in Dubai where it is free! Emirates flight was good, went so fast that I missed the last 20mins of my film but I am waiting for that on the next flight. The food was good and far more toilets than the virgin flight I went on a few weeks back which was the same size plane.

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