what no snow?


well its quiet Sunday evening again, so I thought rather that playing a game I would update who ever reads this! if anyone, well weather wise the snow has gone, and the fact that when I went to church I had to take of my jumper outside as it got too hot. so looks like I wont have to endure the real cold till i return to Mongolia in Feb, unless things rapidly change which they might.

So one of projects this week i worked at was Monriko school,where me and a Mongolian guy from vet net went Tuesday afternoon,and in the afternoon, we managed to network all 10 machines together and the next day i went alone in the afternoon and finished installing the software on the 4 machines that actually would allow me to install it, the rest being either broken or had a virus on them that meant that halfway through the install they would restart. and just launching the command prompt would cause the same effect.

Well to be honest he did most of the networking as i still cannot manage to put the end's on network cables as it is far too fiddly getting 8 cables close together in a row, but i was kept busy on the software side of things.

On Monday I start working at Mina which is one of the projects here, to sort out a new machine, some UPS's and other improvements yet to be determined. On the social side of things not much is happening as most of the short-termer's have run of but my flatmate had a surprise birthday party last Friday night organised by his girlfriend, which he almost ruined by arriving half an hour early but fortunately none of the guests where there then! so she was able to send him away again.

So basically a normal week, of course one funny thing is the fact that during home-group this week Sylvia the American volunteer who works at Monriko school remarked about this Australian guy at this course she is going to who said ' i don't like Americans they always over enthuse things' and to be honest its especially true with her, she is going to write in my newsletter about what i have just done so should be entertaining to see the difference in report!

God bless


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