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Morning ,
Just to say I am still alive leaving Mongolia on Thursday where I am having a long trip home via South Korea and Hong Kong. Arriving back in the UK on the morning of the 13th half asleep.
So Mongolia wise I am still very busy in a way it is a shame to go but I have other things to attend to.

With Regards to Monriko last week I went out and got 10 UPS's so that any power issues will not affect the school so greatly as they did in the past and almost drove the guy coming around with me mad as that took a hour. But fortunately he seemed to be patient just confused. As our communication skills are limited but at least he had a good Christan cd in the car.
And tomorrow we are going to wipe and reset up all the machines again hopefully in one day and install AVG on them so they will not get ruined by virus's either.
This is also being left to the last minute and we should be getting 2 new machines today set up for them to use. Hopefully in the office so I can use the network installs i have set up to install most of the items needed.
Last Thursday I gave this church a song book that my girlfriend sent me which was well received, So good to see that finally happen. Despite the fact i wont see it used till next February.

And how could I finish with out talking about the weather just to say that winter has finally settled in. last Friday I went to the British embassy to celebrate a early bonfire night with firework's etc.. the funny thing was that one of the fireworks contained confetti so made a right mess! Although not over people as they set the fireworks off from a safe distance. Just have to now go to bonfire night in Korea and Hong Kong and maybe a late one in the UK.
The Friday before My home group went to a local observatory which involved wondering around in the dark on ice looking up the occasional telescope at things that still looked really far away! But was a good evening although my coat is still covered in the white dust they use to colour the wall's here.
Also if people keep missing me on MSN I am no longer using my old msn messenger @ debomb address for msn please use my yahoo account and please Join face book, I am currently posting blogs in both places but face book does not seem to have a way of making them public. That i have found yet.

God bless


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