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Today we have the first snow in Ub,Mongolia for the autumn so it should pretty much be freezing for the rest of the year. A nice shock to have after my trip to Korea where it was a average temperature of 15 degrees usually hotter, even spent a day on the beach but as no one else was swimming and most of the sea side has barb wire,so I decided not to go for a swim.

Things are still going well with the girlfriend, The reason I decided to go was the fact in Korea in September they have a festival called Chuseok their equivalent of Thanksgiving. where most people get 3 days bank holiday and travel to see their families, sort of like Christmas in the U.K.

So armed with some English Tea bags I went and returned with a present that I sent to my dad and a Tie clip and those jacket button things that my girlfriend wonders if I will ever use! from her mothers relatives ,As well as some fruit and chestnuts from her father's relatives. some which i helped them pick and put in to boxes.

The chestnuts seemed to be a bit more effort as when you picked them mosquitoes would take a bite out of you and then you have to peel them. which the Koreans where far better at doing. I seemed to have to do them twice first the outer shell then tidying them up.

But it was good to see the relatives even if I could not say much but could admire the photo's, local scenery and some TV. Saw the latest James Bond casino royal again at her uncle's house on Blu-ray via a projector and surround sound. looked just as good as it was in the cinema. although the break for supper was better than cinema popcorn.

The Korean food is very interesting, when you go out for supper or have special meals you seem to have a bit of everything laid out in plates you share, with meat, various types of Kimchi, calmer vegetables, and some other stuff. Meat wise I had fish,crab,prawns,chicken,beef and squid. Squid being a bit chewy but still good. Thanks to my Dad my girlfriend likes to make sure that i am getting used to kimchi trying it most meals. but of course my favourite meal there was pork cutlet as they give you cutlery! and is basically battered pork (like normal fish and chips) with various sauces on top. and some vegetables, very tasty.

So now i am back in Mongolia with 1 month till i leave again which is already going fast, I have 2 minor projects to fit in during the time, 1 of which i start on Wednesday which is working in a small local school called Monriko. where one of the JCS volunteer works as a English teacher.

The plan is to network the 11 computer's they have in order to facilitate the use of a piece of software called Rosetta stone that has been donated to the school to help the children learn English and Japanese and also hopefully to use up some spare equipment from the vet net move.

The other project is with another former JCS project called MINA which provides small loans to small home business here, basically sorting out 1 new computer and fixing them with anti-virus and UPS so the current machines can be used more reliably. although i am doing the school first and getting the new vet net guy to come and help.

We have had to say goodbye to some of the fair weather friends, Jo and Christine and some others who have left recently due to the fact its no longer summer, they give other excuses but i am sure they are just avoiding the snow! So currently it is just me and John-mark and almost a 1000 calenders so getting messy again. so Jiguur will have her work cut out when she returns in march.

so all going well and keeping busy even so busy i am selling one of my Eve charecters as i dont have time to play.


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