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well my time at vet net seems to have finished for the moment as they have moved to the new office and everything is set up and ready to go, all 140 odd network ports nice cabled although I have to admit I did not do much more than supervise and help put in the patch cables neatly. As I asked for a few people to help and we ended up having a team of 10 doing it, most of which were guys who were quite adapt at the hardware side of things where I am lacking although seeing a large Mongolian guy built like a gorilla trying to put the end on a network cable is quite entertaining.
The place has now got a full size network cabinet the only one i have seen in the country with nice neat cables one side (which i tidied up and put in) and a big mess the other side. But then my side is going to be on show and has a network cable tidy device we found in the old cabinet. They are still waiting for a new phone system but as i do not see how i can help with that and only get in the way and they know the general idea
They now have a new Mongolian guy who hopefully with be there new main IT guy when the current one leaves although he still has a few issues, one of which is his finances which is difficult for local people as despite earning above average wages he is still only earning 2/3rd of the rent for his apartment as they are so expensive here but hopefully he will be able to find some people to share with. He has spent the last 5 years in Holland under some scheme to give homeless kid's western education but he is very much settled in there and his parent's live there. But his 5 years is up and the government would not extend his visa despite the fact he still needed to do his final year. So there may be some gaps in his education but he is still better trained than most Mongolians as here you can pass some course's just by paying the fee, never mind actually working on it!
Church wise i was speaking to the guy's on Thursday and they are getting bored of the songs they are playing and want suggestions, so any ideas would be grateful as i am not exactly musical! We had 5 new Mongolians last night who were quite shy so i did not get a chance to speak to them but some of the others did. Jo has written a article on the church I visited the other week which is described in my last blog but here is her better description at http://www.jbc.edu/connections/garners.htm
future plans wise nothing has changed except the fact that i am going to Korea next Friday to see my girlfriend for a week help her to refresh and hopefully get some song books for the Thursday church.
Hope all is going well at home and as boring as ever ;)
God bless

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  1. Ju Hee

    To help me to refresh?
    Anyway, Thank you for your favor ;)
    Whether you help me or tease me, I'll check you ;)

    Posted by Ju Hee on September 14, 2007 - Friday 7:49 AM


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