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Having a quiet Thursday afternoon at work so i thought i would post something. some of this blog was written a week ago but not posted so i hope it is not too confusing.

The Retreat

Last week (ish) I went on the JCS Retreat, The theme this year was on 'Soaring like Eagles' covering several different parts of the bible although mostly from Isaiah. Fortunately we decided to run a rather low tech event so apart from making sure the stuff was ready in JCS and that they actually used the UPS I did not have anything technical to do and could enjoy the slight flu I developed.

As the weather now seems to have changed to Autumn no.1 being 10-15 degree's cooler and wetter. So at least now i am not suffering in the heat (it was over 35 degrees C ) and it is good to have some English weather.

But i still got challenged by the seminar's 1 only went to two out of the 4 sessions but i had quiet times during the other ones to make up for it. Although 1 featured being so quiet i went to bed early.

But about the sessions, 1 was about listening to God, which i know i struggle with as i am rarely patient enough for God i don't like sitting still with out some form of entertainment.

The other one was on studying the bible which i have been having trouble doing before the retreat but i have started doing a chronological reading through the bible now. That i found on a website. As I have not read through the bible for a couple of years now.

Vet net

Well to add to my work load i got a call on Wednesday from a guy at vet net saying that they were planning on moving, have you heard from the rumors, and they want me to help on the technical side of things. So i went along at 2pm to discuss things after asking around and finding out for once i was the first in jcs to know about something!

So i go and get presented with this plan and we have a meeting then go and visit the place and it is absolutely massive about 4 times the size of the JCS office and in a complex all to itself, although unfortunately of to one side of the main city by what looks to be a disused power plant going by the amount of heating pipes leaving it.

But at least they have decided on the rooms and i get one guy telling me how they want as few a wires as possible but then later wants network connections to the least accessible rooms that could be serviced by wireless from the floor above. But I should have help from the 2 Mongolian guys that work for vet net one of which has a few years experience and is quite technical and could probably do the job by himself if he wasn't distracted by family matters. And the other new guy who wants to learn but should be good for the actual cabling.

We also have the typical missionary ethic of can we reuse anything from the old building, despite the fact most of the stuff in place are network cables attached to wall sockets that would be the last thing you would take out of a building as you can not do any work once they are gone and they really need to be in the new building before you arrive. Bit like the power cables really and at a smiler cost.

But I will hopefully go Monday to discuss things further, I did think I was going to go today but they have run out of time as we were waiting to get a circuit diagram as there is already some phone lines and network cables installed in the building so it would be good to see if we can use them especially to the more remote parts of the building.

So i actually ended up going on the Tuesday and looking through the building again and we have assembled a shopping list, which is quite intensive but should set them up for a few years. Going slightly overboard putting in more than double the amount of network points compared to how many computers they have now but they are moving in to a office twice the size.

Church wise

Regarding my Thursday church I have not been too regularly due to trips but hope to go tonight last time I went it was good to see faces again that had disappeared for the summer as the new term is starting soon.

Last Sunday I spent 12 hours out of the house at a country church which is 2 hours away from the other side of UB which takes 30 minutes to cross at a good time. This church was very much women with children oriented with what Spenser ( a senior jcs'er) said was the most nursing women in one place he has seen in his life (at least 6) . 30 or so women in total and 1 Mongolian bloke.

Who i was surprised to find out was not even married to one of the women but to a unbeliever. Of course the service was in Mongolian and i understood very little of the day just sit down , stand up, eat food (*4) etc..

but we got some fresh air , Jo got to interview quite a few people and see a non-city church, which is not currently supported by any missionaries.

Social wise

Well currently I admit I do spend most of my evenings playing on my computer but only to talk to my Girlfriend. Apart from that I enjoy meals with my flatmate who still does most of the cooking as he does not trust me. On Friday Angela,Jo and myself went to a place called BBQ chicken which was lovely I thought it would be like kfc but it was much better. But does not feel Mongolian in any way especially when on exit one of the waitresses bowed goodbye like a Korean. So I almost said goodbye and thank you in Korean.

Then on the Saturday night we had a get together as all the young people and shared food. Just so we can see how each other cooks as we have such a mixture of nationalities here.

Future plans

Well currently i am working in vet net the next couple of weeks so i might be very busy. After that i plan to spend a week in Korea with my girlfriend once i book it.

Then as a change of plan i am planning to leave Mongolia on the 1st November to Korea then go on the Monday to Hong Kong then fly back to england on the 12th.

Then i will stay in england till just after my birthday in January and head back to Mongolia till the end of summer next year.

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