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Apologies for not writing more frequently but I have recently returned from my trip to South Korea, which I went to so that I could learn more about my Girlfriend and her culture and family as well as a break from Mongolia. Some of the pictures are on my picture page see link above.

The Trip started by making me very tired as for some strange reason the flight leaves Mongolia at 00:20 yes that's 20 past midnight. Then takes a few hours and lands at 3.30 am local time. Leaving you nice and tired for the following Day as it is quite hard to sleep on the plane when they keep switching on the lights and off again as well as serving food in the middle of the night/ Trip.

But I was greeted at the airport by a nervous Ju-hee and her parents and we got going in there car and went to visit various things over the next few days.

The Korean folk Village, an outside museum where you can see how Koreans used to live including Minstrel displays.

The Third tunnel under the DMZ found by the South Koreans made by the north which according to the website it is meant to be a few cm's in height more than me but seemed more to be the opposite. So had to duck the entire distance they allowed you to walk, of course not all the way into the DMZ.

Ever land Theme park , This theme park we visited for only a few hours and was the first time in the trip me and Ju hee got some time alone so we went on one ride, walked around a lot, watched the evening parade, of which I recognised none of the characters. It's like going to Disney not knowing Mickey Mouse. What was funny though was that they were all chained to the floats they were on which Ju hee got annoyed at me for pointing out and none really looked Asian. Then we went on a couple of other rides and had to phone her parents to say we were late then had dinner just outside the park, then went to her rich uncle's home to meet a lot of the family including her Grandmother. Who was friendly and pleased when I said hello Grandmother in Korean.

The forth Tunnel under the DMZ this is a lot further from Seoul so the security was more based on the cars than the people, which was fortunate as that day I had forgotten my passport and Ju hee's brother had forgotten his ID. But you did get to drive up to one of the observation towers which was right on the line where you could see all the way over to North Korea although the view was mostly spectacularly either way because of the height you were at and woodland /mountains both ways for miles both north and south.

Halfway through the trip on the Friday evening I went for a 24 hour trip away with the local 25-30's group, this was quite entertaining trying to get them to practice their English whilst I practised my Korean. Joining in with some of the songs I recognised but mostly just sitting on the floor listening to my girlfriend's translation which helped a lot. Unfortunately as I only just found out this place also lead me and most of the rest of the group to get ill as they were using water from the Tap as the house owner said it was safe, which it probably normally was. But this weekend it rained full stop so that the water source got contaminated.

So the next day I went to church which was entertaining and as confusing as a Mongolian service although I had a bit of translation as well. But fortunately the illness didn't strike for a few days till I was in Seoul for the day visiting the royal palace.

Since Korea I have been getting better gradually in the stomach department having got rid of the fever before I left Korea. but I still had a long flight as I arrived back from Seoul and found Bill and Irene waiting at the departure gate for the team who are helping with the retreat so ended up staying up late, meeting the team.

Then at work I have been busy dealing with the various small problems as people have as they come in for the retreat, as well as the normal issues that come and Go. As well as on Sunday taking some of the new team to the church both the English and the Mongolian one for a change, with a burger at Dave's place that was well deserved in the middle.

Well that's about it for now sorry about the confusing blog but been really busy and haven't had a chance to write anything down and going on the retreat tomorrow morning.

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