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At the hope hostel last week which one of the JCS volunteers has a placement with, I went in with a few others who wanted a tour of the place Mennonites from America.

The place is right near where I go to the church on a Sunday so close to the centre of town but unfortunately not on the water mains, so water has to be collected which means that clothes and bedding washing is not done as often as it should be done.

But they have recently been given a washing machine, so I had to test the voltage there to make sure. Which was a good 230 volts and they had a cooker in the other room which would take more amp so I just said don't use them both at the same time. But an electrician will have to visit it to put some heavy duty wire in as the power is not in the required area of the building, which was the main purpose of the visit.

Then on the way out I was given this broken laptop from 1997, which wasn't working as they heard I was a computer guy. The computer was a gift from someone for a disabled girl there, who was to use it to help with her English and typing. But unfortunately there was nothing I could do for it. But the day before I had been tidying the office and found a 1999 laptop which had windows 98 on it. So the current plan is to give her that instead as we cannot find another use for it. Although that is on hold due to the bank holiday over naadam.

Had an interesting day last Sunday & was glad to see the capitalist system is at work in this country, as I went to a church that has just moved into a theatre within the state department store. a couple of hundred Mongolians gathered together and a few westerners, we even managed to get translation for the sermon via headphones although this was quite funny as the sermon was originally preached in German then translated to Mongolian then in to English so we got the English whilst the German guy was preaching the next bit, leaving his actions vastly out of sync. I doubt I will go to the church again soon as I only went as my church is having a weekend away this weekend which I decided not to attend, due to other plans, which did not happen.

But I did get help to show some new comers around the city. As it gives you an excuse to look at the tourist stuff you haven't done before. For instance we went around the Mongolian natural history museum which had a good collection of fossils and a lot of stuffed animals. Well worth the 2500T (£1 ish).

Also taken them to Dave's place twice for a beer (it's the only place in Mongolia that serves Ale rather than lager) that's what they get for letting me choose, although both times we have been on or around the square so it makes sense.

Naadam wise I went to the square yesterday morning to watch the procession leave and there was meant to be some event but it did not happen so me and a lot of tourist watched the horse ride across the square round to the back of the building pick up the white flags / tassels that they have to indicate they are at peace to take to the stadium for the main events. The only entertaining bit was when they used water trucks to clear the road before they travelled soaking quite a few people. But they should have seen it coming.

Then I went home via the shops, some were still open on the bank holiday as we were short of supplies and came home and watched the rest of it on TV although the signal quality was rubbish and I got bored and ended up watching star-gate episodes the rest of the day.

Today I am joining one of my friends going out of the city for 24 hours or so, staying at a Ger of a friend of his mother which should be interesting.

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