Um hot


Well I now have 1 week left till my trip to Korea, which I am looking forward to , a chance for me to learn more about my girlfriend.

It is getting warmer and warmer here in Mongolia and because it is the summer the Mongolians are fiddling with things. So on the way to church I passed several road works causing chaos as they don't have temporary traffic lights.

But at one of the sights they were doing well and i was quite impressed as with out cones or anything they where converting the other side of this bridge in to 2 way traffic every few mins depending on the traffic. But the next one they where busy repaving the middle of a cross road junction blocking a entrance (of the main road) and a exit, nice and chaotic. As no one was trying to control the traffic except the lights which were not really relevant.

Then once I got to church and we had no electrics which was a shame. but it was OK as the church has a piano and a acoustic guitar and a loud preacher who we could hear fine.

Yesterday on Saturday, it was lovely and hot so me and some friends went to the river and had a swim then went up the Zaisen peak, which was the same peak I did with the group last year. Except this time we drove halfway up as we were lazy and had a better vehicle.

Work is all fine, keeping myself busy, just doing small things nothing major at the moment.

God Bless

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