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Just thought id write to tell everyone about the weather here at the moment as it is so terrible, lovely and warm, at lunch time it was over 35degree's. So being me I decided to go for a 3km walk through the city so nicely tanned now you can spot the sandal mark and its got nothing to do with the fact I had no shower this morning due to no cold water.

Also just had a interesting time connecting to the internet, I could get to Mongolian sites like , , but nothing else so of course skype , yahoo messenger etc, Would not work.

The reason I had the opportunity for such a long walk earlier was because yesterday afternoon I got a call from vet net saying that their new guy was in trouble already and their main IT guy was away. So I went this morning and of course everything worked fine but I had a look at the logs and it seemed they had an issue that a service pack fixed. So I stayed there for a while looking for other fixes and downloading the update. Then over lunch took down their server for an hour and half whilst the server was updating, was meant to be less time but the machine insisted on doing some minor patches before the big one. But it all went ok and I tested it and walked back as I wanted to get some fresh air.

So I hope everyone back in lindfield is enjoying the early 20's temperature ;). Another sign it is hot here is that one of the hill sides out side the city near Zaisen is now on fire, nothing too major but should be interesting to see how much it grows by morning, but it is still quite far away and over a major river. This should still have plenty of water in it unlike the river that runs past the sky shopping centre / chingis hotel which has gone dry.

Well next blog will hopefully be in Korea, bfn

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