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Just writing this blog as i cant sleep and the internet is not working and I don't want to wake up the flatmate by watching TV. So i will tell you about a few happenings in my life recently.

On Friday me and Jo (the photographic reporter) who arrived recently decided to take the morning off and get the electric bus to the centre of UB to have a look at some of the cars which are doing the Peking to Paris rally, including a 1907 car that had done the race 3 times although how many parts are original is anyone's guess. It was a good thing we did as we found quite a few other people had the same idea. Including the future interim leader of JCS Marlow (for the next 9 months or so) and my flatmate and his language class as well as a few others. So we spent around 3 hours looking at the cars in the square, so I had a nice sunburn afterwards.

Then in the evening as Jo was going away for 3 weeks to the countryside we decided to go out for a Indian meal,As she was brought up/ had lived several years there, so went to the one near the wrestling palace, which is very nice but expensive costing $10 each. Expensive for here at least so you only ever see foreigner's there, so we saw several from the rally again the evening.

On Saturday it was the JCS annual picnic, which was talked about in various emails which gave us various starting times, which more or less translated to we will leave when everyone shows up. We were told to bring our own food along but a little bit would be provided. This little bit would probably been enough for me but I had to turn some of it down as I had been munching on my own packed lunch. But as it was quite hot and I had a good meal the night before I was not that hungry. I managed to avoid going swimming for quite a while until about a hour after lunch we decided to go on a walk along the river. My flatmate had decided not to come due to having a football match.

So there was me and 6 single older women having a walk the rest of the people being entertained by their families. So of course after a 15 min. slow walk i decided to rest to cool my feet so ended up getting a lot wetter, there is always 1 women (Edit this time) around who wants a water fight in these circumstances. Although i am not always the target but they were out of options this day, Not that it mattered to much as at least the river was slightly warmer than last time I went near one in Terelj where in the morning i had seen ice floating past.

The only problem for her was that she was the only 1 who decided on a water fight, so promptly got more wet than me although when i picked her up I relented actually throwing her in further. The river itself was just under waist deep but quite wide and very fast flowing.

On Sunday i had a relaxing morning watching Doctor who, good to see the series has ended but disappointed at only 13 episodes! But now i can try to stop watching pirated TV shows. It is funny to see the complaints of people on-line when a site deletes a episode that is free to watch once in the UK on the TV but not worldwide unlimited times.

But would have been better to see them on TV as the downloads where rubbish quality and usually split up in to various parts, so you could watch the first 10mins then wait 20mins for the 2nd 10 minutes. But also meant that it gave me a chance to clean up the flat and talk to the girlfriend on-line. Therefore creating a few homeless flies as they liked the mess so they are now still flying around the flat looking for something more interesting to land on usually me.

Then in the afternoon I went to church still did the usual 35 min. walk to church but got a taxi back. Then back to work as usual on Monday nothing to exciting as alone in the office, so spent my time trying to get internet access controlled by user rather than pc but that did not work and does not seem to want to with out greatly changing our set-up.

This week should be relatively quiet, tomorrow i am going in the morning, to see what's up with the electrics at the hospice one of the jcs's works at, not sure what i can do but at least i can take a measurement and tell her its messed up or not. And have a look around anyway. Then in the afternoon I have plans to go shopping for a PA system but as that's on the slow track time will tell. Have a good week.

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