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Well as I have been ordered here is a update on my blog, wishing everyone to have a good bbq on Sunday.

Plans are going well for byan honger just waiting to here back from the local dell people on the new pc's we plan to take down there. Current plan is one ywam office with 3 computers and a jcs office downstairs with the computer we are bringing with a wireless link in the middle as plans change here often so cabling can be a issue.

The weather is really odd the last few days been very hot and smoggy, legends of wilds fires last time this happened so maybe it had happened again. As with a lack of rain there is plenty of grass to burn around here.

I am now looking after midnight the dog again, which my flatmate is not so used to Dog's and the Dog is not so used to Indians so makes it all a bit confusing but i think they are gradually getting to know each other better.

last night went to a worship service at jcs for people who are non Mongolian Christians working here, songs were a odd collection from a 1974 song book and most of the songs from the 1890's, i didn't know you could find old books in this country but here you can be surprised easily.

I have booked a trip in the summer to see my Girlfriend ju-hee in Korea for a week, Which my parents have thankfully paid for. It will be good to get to know her more as she has a real heart for mission and Mongolia. My flatmate has been cooking increasingly spicy food to acclimatise me.

As for my long term plans, this has come from the minutes of the leadership team meetings, who are always positive hopeful people

"it's almost official – Tom could stay in IT after November – this could be a real answer to prayer as Tom could be the only person in IT from January for several months"

So question is as I am only really need from January whether it is wise for me to do anything else in the months in between or to continue my work here as I am sure John mark would be best used not doing IT stuff and purposely looking for short term jobs does not work I have tried before. So prayers considered.

Well have a good bbq and week.


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