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Mornin just got an email telling me off for not blogging recently is once a week not enough? True I miss the odd week but the thought is there at least.

The AGM meetings all finished fine last week, Marlow will be taking over whilst they look for a new manager so any volunteers? Marlow should be fine for the job but currently he is down to leave next year so we need someone urgently.

Another role which I am thinking of doing is the fact that currently with me leaving in October, Jiguur leaving in 2 weeks and John mark going in December, there will not be any IT people in the office. But will have to see as it will depend on more long term financing, also whether I come back in October or not is another issue. so much to think and pray about medium term.

This week has been busy everyone who had a broken laptop last week has brought them to be repaired now that the meetings are over. Including one that i have now taken the screen off as it doesn't seem to do anything although I still need to find out from the user what she wants to do.

Currently she is thinking of new machine but I haven't shown her my destructive talents yet. It makes it feel like your using a bcc micro rather than a laptop as the screen is separate but everything is in the keyboard. It's not good enough to compare to a Amiga.

church last night was good , got called up to do the bible reading and to bless the offering, reading went ok, not so sure about the blessing as they were still playing music behind me so could barely hear what I said. And got embarrassed afterwards when this girl asked me to help with a quiz she had on American history and i realised i knew hardly any of the answers about the former colonies. But I did guess a few of the questions that featured English people and general guesses. Stuff that effected Europe as well as the states, but i guess i cant be expected to know everything.

Today is children's today which means as a big kid i get the day off work, but no presents unfortunately, although I may head down to the square later to see what is happening there I have heard rumours.

Weather wise this place is starting to get more like England, bit of rain, bit of sun, and bit of dust, well plenty of dust. But the trees are nice and green and the grass is starting to show up more and more, although they have cheating outside my block by using sprinklers. It seems odd in a desert country we can use them but not in the UK,

God bless.


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