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Morning, Glad to see some people missed me with 50 emails whilst i was away for 3 days true most of them where mailings lists but there was a few genuine ones.

The trip started of on Monday morning from the jcs office at 7am it was meant to be 6 but we left Mongolian time. So once we left we went quickly, it is good to see how the roads are improving some parts paved some not. but unfortunately no seatbelts in the back of the Jeep so made it a bit more uncomfortable. it took 5 hours to reach a imag capital give or take a few photo stops although John mark had travelled the route before so we did not have too many stops.

In the town we had some lunch, then had a look around the market to get another tape for the car as we needed more music, although i was using my ipod.

Then another 5 hours later of watching the sand go past, we arrived in ?A?HXOH?O? and went to the YWAM school which is looking good all mostly done and in use. and the location for where the jcs office is to be.

so we dropped off the stuff and headed up to Dustin and Mary, where John-mark and myself were to stay whilst we were there. The only 2 story building for quite a distance. Then we went to the local school where Dustin is running a field for training people about agriculture. and sat down to watch John-mark and jo take a few 100 photo's.

Then on Tuesday we went to the YWAM school after a generous breakfast of pancakes and syrup. went to the school and set up the JCS's office computer and printer etc.. in front of the camera's. then i managed to get rid of the photographers while they photographed the rest of the place. then went out for lunch.

After lunch I worked up stairs in the ywam office where 1 computer was reported not to be working at all but in fact just turned out that the keyboard port was broken meaning it would not start, worked fine with a usb keyboard. so i networked the 2 pc's and updated them as they had a lot of old software on them and installed a modem, whilst they were busy installing a phone line in to the office. Then it was out to supper then home.

Then yesterday we got up late and i got to the office late so Jardel the ywam leader was busy doing class , so i got to work on his machine and a church machine that Laura presented to me with out any of the passwords but i have my methods. still managed to fix it up a bit and free 15% of its 1 gig hard disk, why the machine had windows XP was another thing as with that hard disk it wasn't really up for it. but i still managed to get AVG to work on it.

Then we had a late lunch/ afternoon Tea at 3pm, and as we had finished we took the pc back to the school where there was no power but i set it up anyway. then heading back to dustins to look at their old machine that was making a funny noise and promptly broke the cpu heat sink connection and had to leave for the airport.

The flight back was very noisy but the view was very good, we only flew at 3500 ft so we did not need a pressured cabin or the oxygen mask under the seat,although the pilot wore his. Of course i caused hassle going through security as they found both my penknife and screwdriver and laughed when i said "be engineer" so they got confiscated by the pilot until i got to UB.

If you want to see the photo's have a look at my albums detailed above. but anyway must get some sleep for now will add extra details if i think anything


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