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Well sorry about not filling in last week on what else happened but as no one has complained and I have been busy I will just talk about other stuff.

I have visited vet net and spent a couple of afternoons there but I will have to work out a solution to what to do there, The guy who works for them in the IT department is very experienced but also shy, would be ahead of me if he had a better knowledge fluency in English as he has a few years more experience. But I am seeing him on Wednesday again at the JCS office so I can show him how I can help in the networking particularly with WSUS (windows updates server) as currently hardly any of the machines seem to be doing windows updates. It is a shame I have not done it before on server 2003 but can not be harder than 2000.

JCS office wise I have finished the 2nd server, which is raided up only raid 1 though, still waiting to transfer some of the user folders over, but with it holding most of the files and the main server doing the logging in, email, and updates, it should balance out.

also still helping with the odd presentation got to see red riding hood performed in English at one of the schools, was good to hear from there teacher that at the beginning of the year they had barely any English, but now at least the play was good, was impressed also to see while they were waiting for the teachers they were practicing instead of playing about.

Church is going well I have to preach on Thursday, still no inspiration on what to preach on, I have done my testimony twice concentrating on different parts and I also have not managed to convince my flatmate to take my place. So any ideas would be appreciated, just don't be too vague. Sunday church is defiantly quieter with out this American family. But still talking to others and going to home group on Monday. Where we are yet to think of a theme either having done our testimonies last week.

God bless


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