Well cheers to the 4 people who asked about my trip , who I have replied to, but as they say with politicians letter each letter represents hundreds of lazier peoples views, But enough about politics for the loud ones.
The trip was good and the pictures are (Removed)

Basically we left after work on Friday evening, grabbing some food for the weekend on the way. Taking a hired taxi all the way stopping of to see Turtle rock, which is just basically a rock, I still don't get the Asian thing of naming rocks, there was loads in Hong Kong, most of which need a big sign and a arrow to point out the correct rock, but this one being absolutely massive and turtle like and next to a turtle rock resort was slightly obvious.
Then we drove on in to the main tourist village there, where unfortunately the only hotel Ulaan Baatar was booked, which was good as I stayed there for the JCS retreat last year and the girls wanted to sleep in a Ger, but I guess I was like that once.
So we went further in to town which was right next to the hotel, I almost wonder why I did not spot it last year, I just didn't go looking, playing by the river was a bit more fun. So we found a Ger camp down by the river slightly upstream of the hotel. and after some Mongolian supper settled in for the night.
Except was not entirely settling as we had chosen to go away on the night Mongolian kids celebrate the end of term by going off in to the countryside and dancing the night away. But I still slept more or less fine but the girls complained about being up all night, and we all awoke early freezing as despite the girls being up they had not kept the fire alight! but it was mostly due to a clear night which led to a clear day afterwards, so we decided we had to do something the next day to avoid being asked did we want to ride horses for the 3rd time, So we went up the biggest hill in sight, which ended up being twice the size of the Downs and already in lack of oxygen altitude, its the one that's directly ahead if you leave the UB 2 hotel over the bridge for those there last year. took about a hour to get to the base as we had to go upstream to the hotel to cross via the bridge as the water was freezing cold, I even spotted ice floating past and various other liquids. See pictures for further details. But it was a good walk up well worth the time, and when I prayed to God for energy he decided to increase the wind speed behind me in order to aid me up the hill, but the girls still showed me up. But the view at the top was good, looking for miles around, after that we headed down slowly a longer route to see a bit more around and back to the camp to watch some kids fighting, read a book, relax, and watch our supper being cooked. That evening I didn't sleep so well because i had relaxed quite a lot during the end of the day so we managed to keep the fire going, although the next day it was very dusty and just didn't warm up as much, which we found out later was due to a major fire in northern Mongolia because it is so dry, so we just relaxed that morning, read books, watched the river go by, Prayed a bit. Then we got Taxi home again,
So all in all a good weekend well worth the £13 ish I spent on it.
As it is getting late I will discuss the rest of the week tomorrow,
God bless Tom

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