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well i have just come back from church, having preached on the lords prayer ( Matthew 6 V9 -13 ), a very humbling piece to pray from but having been given the idea at 7am on Sunday morning after praying about it for several days before hand. As i did not want to give my testimony for a 3rd time. Fortunately being JCS AGM week , i have had to show up at

the office early and keep stuff stable so i have been able to put my work aside and study god's word which is good

and the JCS library helped as well as several on-line sources. wikipedia etc..

Especially one bible study which suggested taking it one line at a time, giving it your own version, which i got people to split up in to groups and prayer together based on the prayer. I think i only spoke for 5 minutes but it is hard to tell.

I was pleased though when at the end the head guy Tsendie closed with the lord's prayer as he does not normally read scripture aloud. I do feel humble being able to preach to them and support them as in a way they are part of the future of the church here in the city. Also was entertaining when this 3 year old walked in all the way to the front holding a ice cream, wondered around a bit then tried to give the drummer his ice cream. which he had to refuse as he was busy.

but equally i am now watching a program on the BBC called 'Greetings from sadau city, Iraq' it makes me glad God sent me here where i am useful ,wanted and safe.

Talking to people who have lost their families and furniture makers who now make 10 coffins for every wardrobes.

but equally you do not need to go far to help people as i have just received the all saints news and noticed one of my old jobs advertised.

Opportunity to Serve!

Barnstaple 1 CYFA venture is enjoyed by many of the Encrypt members every

year. They spend a week in sunny Devon meeting up with fellow teens from across

England where they have a fab holiday;

hanging out, learning from the Bible and praising God together. But at the moment

they will be going hungry as the venture needs cooks. So if you are willing and able,

this is for you. No skills needed – learn on the job! It runs 28 July to 5 August.

Contact Steph Sayers in the office for details.

which i very much enjoyed doing and if there is enough volunteers you get some time off as well to enjoy the area and i usually got to enjoy the evening entertainment. also on another note i have to repeat the advert for my BBQ which Alex Browning is organising for me, with Easy Tigers.

BBQ for Tom Seymour

Easy Tigers are hosting a BBQ for Tom Seymour from 12.30 on Sunday 10 June in the Vicarage garden. It is a great opportunity to find out more about Tom's work with JCS in Mongolia. All are welcome - the price is £4 per person or £10 per family, money raised will go to support Tom. Please buy a ticket in advance - which

will be on sale TODAY and NEXT Sunday by the desk in the Tiger lounge after the 9.30am and 6.30pm

services, and at the back of the church after the 11.15am service TODAY.

Alex Browning

Well God bless


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  1. Hello! If I buy the ticket. I want to get it.
    Tom! I cann't give u many things. But, you can take my heart.
    he he ~
    Thank your friends for supprting you.

    Posted by Ju Hee on May 25, 2007 - Friday 9:13 AM


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