May already???


seems I am getting a bit slack with the blog again, this has not been because everything is quiet in fact the opposite. At the weekend a welsh guy from America visited who needed some help with showing a few presentations, which were interesting to see as well as sources of good quality free food.

As I don't ask for money when I help people I find free food a good incentive like most males. True food doesn't cost much here but quality can be an issue. The talks were not too bad either, although I do worry that I enjoyed his presentation to the local school kids more than the one to the more mature audience. Just something amusing about a grown man trying to teach children welsh kid’s songs. Confused the poor translator as well!

Otherwise at work I have been keeping myself busy planning a new server, what to do, what to buy etc.. And going through the 100+ G bytes of software I brought out with from old cover disks I had lying around in England. So far found a good free backup program, new paint program (thanks Dan) , free DVD codec's and a few other programs that I have either put in to use and forgotten or left for one side for future use.

church wise has been good went to a new home group last night for advanced English speakers, being the only actual English person I got told a few times to slow down, but at least it wasn't slowed down by having Mongolian translation, just the odd German one. The Thursday church is going very well had over 40 people in it the other day, although that included a group who are planning on going on mission to inner Mongolia (china).

On Sunday Mongolia held a no car today shutting of the area between two of the main streets for most of the city, was odd walking down a virtually empty peace avenue dodging the odd bicycle and police car, was good made the place look even more like a war zone though. But fortunately could still get to church and back as not all the roads were shut.

My new flatmate is OK learning Mongolian well he already knows enough to confuse me. We managed to source him a bed so the sofa is free and usable. So I can get up when I want again which is still far too early. He is also a bit more sporty which is helpful been on quite a few walks showing him around the place, getting stuff for the flat etc..

Also I may be going away this weekend so don't worry if I am even more out of touch than usual, but as the weather is good, some people think it is time to see what it is like out of the city.

God bless


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