Um baked beans

Good evening,

Just giving this weeks report as I am relaxing on this Sunday evening whilst listening to the cable TV with BBC world on, Just finished a lovely supper of baked beans on toast with a twist being salami, cheese, Worcester sauce and some random herbs.

Definitely hit the right spot. Otherwise all is fine here in Mongolia as far as I am concerned, said goodbye to a few friends who are of to America for the next 4 months but will see them when they get back. I have still no recent news of my potential flat mate.

The weather here is gradually getting warmer although it is colder today than yesterday as it snowed last night but the snow has mostly melted. So it looks like it will not stick around for long. I didn't even bother to get out my winter coat as my fleece was good enough.

The church here in Mongolia prays for 1 of its sisters church's each month from the country side and I thought I would share the prayer details. This is for Amazing Grace church in Khentii Imag (which is where I visited last year, the Imag not the church.)

The church started in 2005 with 6 people and currently 20 meet in a rented room working with TEE material.

Praise Points

Husbands & families attend together

80% of the believers have a job.

Prayer Points

Leadership Training

To share with 500 people in local community

For the church to get its own piece of land with a large Ger to meet in

Work wise give praise that things have been relatively quiet whilst john-mark has been away allowing me to do some research and improvements.

God bless


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