still easter


just to save question from the last blog although they are always good as it shows you are all alive back in the uk. and as i have had my supper, fried bacon and fried egg on toast, who says you have to eat mongolian food for it to be fatty and healthy!

This afternoon went well , technically was all ok and the room was perfect if anything we could have done with a few more chairs, makes me think of a time i was at uni where a visitng pastor told us off as we meet in a room that fitted the CU exactly.

But equally we were blessed by some norweigen theology students who were good as the spoke slowly and knew there stuff. but it was quite hard to get response from the mongolians as they where quite quiet.
but i will hopefully see some of them today, we have invited them to the church service i go to. As it makes a good excuse for them to practice there english.
so it is hard to tell whether they are really interested in what you say or that they just want to pick up the language.
but hopefully it is both. we found out a few of the students where already chrisitans which is good as it will allow some longer term work and they know the view of their american teacher at least.


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