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Well happy Easter to you all, I almost feel lazy because I am not stewarding at spring harvest but with Grumpy Sam going I am sure he will do more than I would anyway! Especially as I have tomorrow off as its Good Friday.

I have just come back from church which was good as i got to talk to a few of the locals who have not been around for a while. Although I am still not very good at remembering names, which is even more embarrassing as they have picked up on the fact. Then they cause more chaos by having several names and Christian names. Only 50% are pronounceable! Yet not quite unique enough to remember.

Although we did not do anything special for Easter although I discussed the event to a few people afterwards, but it did not feel right to interrupt the service

Work wise , John-mark is going away for 2 weeks so I have been told not to do anything too drastic, but should at least give me a chance to talk with jiguur more, the other morning we had a power cut for a hour so we went through one of her learning English books.

Well I am writing this the next night, Good Friday where I have just come back from a very oldie American Easter service, quite a few old songs including finishing with amazing grace done from memory, which most of us knew fortunately.

I then finished up talking to some of the missionaries who live and work in the same block as me and got to discuss some computer stuff to the confusion of people near us. But it was good to discuss the different methods used,

How we have a better building and cabled network but they have to use wireless as they are in apartments but there server is 2003 whilst the jcs one is still 2000. But equally we have both barely touched vista.

As for the rest of the day I spent the morning relaxing and tidying up a bit then In the afternoon I walked to 'sky' shopping centre which is in one of the posh hotels here to see what was there and ended up getting a mirror so I can check how bad my hair is looking with out taking a photo first. As well as a few other things including a gents toilet sign (only $1) but I think if anyone visits they should be warned it's a blokes toilet!.

Tomorrow I am going to the local university to help a American missionary show a video called 'chasing the giants' as a Easter theme to try and get some discussion on who Christ is and what he does. At lunch time usually only 10 kids show up so we will take up have the group as a few other people are planning on showing up as well.

Hope all is well and I will keep praying for what I remember! Which of course includes my mum's back!

God bless

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  1. Sam

    Looks like I'll be cheerful after all. They required CRB's this year. they didn't process mine in time so I am not able to go this year (teach me to leave things until the last minute). Judging by your blogs, you seem OK. Let us know if there are any probs etc (not like we could do a lot, but hey, always amusing to hear of somebody worse off than yourself:). On a serious note, I hope you continue to be well, and keep us informed, you've only got 3/4 of all saints reading this!

    See Ya

    The Cheerful one.

    P.S. Ok so I don't pray all that much, but please keep me informed if you do need anything prayed for :)

    Posted by Sam on April 8, 2007 - Sunday 6:58 PM
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    these CRB things are a pain i almost missed out helping at venture one year cause of them. only 3/4 of all saints , i guess some are getting print outs then, just need to convince them to feel free to post comments. and go to bed its 3AM!

    Posted by Tomdebomb on April 8, 2007 - Sunday 7:10 PM
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    Happy Easter!

    Posted by Andrew on April 9, 2007 - Monday 6:05 AM
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