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Greetings from South korea, which i am visiting for the weekend on the way up to ub, Mongolia, I am currently relaxing in the Donghae Hilton, with nice warm feet due to underfloor heating ,next to a red box with a emergancy escape rope incase I want that choice!!

I arrived last night feeling really tired after the journey and with the fog i have not seen much so will give more of a report when i get the time!

But I did have a good time in hong kong, it was good to give the philips a better idea of what they have and how to use it , as well as haul the odd baggage load up the hill when they couldnt find the other staff . He has threatened me with a nice long list for my next visit.which will probably be in october when my flights are currently booked.

Incase your wondering about the oscar logo above, which i need to work on my html to tidy up. That is there as Oscar which is a site that works to link up Missionary work on the web now links to this blog as well as others which can make a more interesting read

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  1. Glad you got there. I hope the journey wern't too bad. I see you were usedas the dogs body as usual. I hope you enjoy your time in S K. I will look at the oscar thingy when I get a mo'. I hope you are collecting air miles.


    Posted by Sam on March 4, 2007 - Sunday 5:15 AM
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