Prayer meeting sunday - guess I should write something!

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Well another week has passed, another few computers fixed, still no movement on the 2nd server after trying oracle Linux I am now waiting for a parcel from home with a few more ideas.

I have been kept busy with various other tasks i.e. visiting a couple of the projects to look in to there computers, one of which on Wednesday morning I had to spend over 2 hours removing a virus that had worked its way inside .meaning that they could not install some financial software they wanted to use, as the virus would not allow registry editing.

On Friday I had a nice balanced lunch with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, salami and various other pizza toppings, for suvdt goodbye party who has left after working here for 4 years, she is going to work for alpha that have a office next door to mine so I will still be able to annoy her.

Although she did not appreciate me clearing her stuff out of the computer before she had gone, but of course I had just moved it out of the way.

I got my parcel from Hong Kong which is good, so I have a few more books to read. Although i did forget and leave in the office by accident.

I also have skype credit again if anyone wants to keep in touch, although it only costs me if I pick up on my mobile or land line this end. But it does allow me to phone home cheaply and I can more or less tell how much I am spending.

The new JCS website is up and running if people want to test it link above in my header. Especially note the vacancies area; I am sure some people are tired of the luxuries of living in the UK???

My main prayer request atm is on deciding what to do after October although I do not need to make any plans as yet.


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