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Well I am writing this with out an internet connection in my new flat in Mongolia which I stayed in for the first time last night.

So far I have plenty of stuff left over from last time but nothing to put it in for instance, my clothes are unpacked on to the drying rack.

But I have put up curtains, taped some of the sockets back on to the wall. And of course set-up my laptop on the desk that was left behind which once cleaned up was all OK.

But no internet access yet as no phone line, but I hope to sort out cable on Monday once I am back in the office.

But I do have 50 odd channels of cable TV which I have not paid for as I have no idea who to pay! But I do have a sofa and a couple of chairs and a garden table that does well inside. And of course the Cartoon network adverts are just as bad if not the same as 3 months ago.

For the record I have cleaned the bathroom and put up a shower curtain, and almost broken the toilet seat but will see how that goes. In the kitchen I have a sink, a very loud fridge/freezer (it doesn't know when to stop), an old table and several boxes of stuff waiting for a home but I do have a kettle and a toaster so it's been 3 minute noodles so far for food they do compare quite on a par with Korean spicy chicken. But I would prefer the Korean chicken as at least is contains some vegetables, unfortunately the cooker will be waiting till Monday at the earliest so may have to eat out a few times.

So im settling in well, getting used to the frequent electric shocks again, the lovely frozen climate, the way it melts a tiny bit during the day then refreezes to make it all the more slippery.

So far the only city changes I have noticed is a petrol station where the Zhukov taxi rank still is. And the various building projects I was watching are practically all finished.

On the work side of things, I have plenty to do, hence why it took me slightly longer to move in as I left some of the organisational stuff till the days of for women's day yesterday and Men's day today. AVG is playing up in the office it seems the upgrade from 7.1 to 7.5 on the server side didn't go automatically so more to fiddle with that.

As well as spam issues, fortunately they have been working on the website in my absence so it's looking good and will be ready soon.

On Saturday I went to the ich del gor where I managed to use the internet hence the short blog I posted whilst I was there but I already had the above written at home to post.

Well today now, being Sunday evening I had a lazy morning and managed to miss going to the morning, Mongolian service but the English afternoon was good, Was good to catch up with some of the Mongolians there again. and the missionaries including the American family I used to have lunch with but because I wasn't there in the morning I missed out on the unhealthy food.

As soon as we started had to be careful not to laugh at the first song which contained the line 'How great your art' * 2. Im not sure which definition of Art they think it means. Getting rid of the 'thou' but not switching the 'art' bit.

But I did get a free taxi ride home with the family.

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  1. Sam

    Definitly a good idea going to AVG 7.5 (using it at home), as AVG put up a post recently saying they had stopped upgrading 7.1 (apparently).

    Until the person paying for the TV works out you might be there, why pay anyone...think of it as a welcoming gift.

    Good to hear the Mongols are still screwing up translation of english songs, I would dread to think they had sussed out english better than I have.

    Is for the food issue, whats new. The last time I saw you in Mongolia, you were living of bread and jam, and it's not like you didn't have a choice in the matter.

    Take care, and I hope you get settled in soon.


    Posted by Sam on March 13, 2007 - Tuesday 6:18 PM
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    Well at least I am trying to keep of the chocolate spread! you can never be too sure whats in the food here! got some raisons the other day, wondered y they were cheap, good thing i washed them before eating as they contained stones both of the pip and the earthly sort!

    Posted by Tomdebomb on March 13, 2007 - Tuesday 6:26 PM
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