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Well i am getting settled in getting used to the odd arguments coming up from the sewers, having to do my own cooking, hand washing clothes, and keeping the place tidy.

Which i will have to even more as i am looking after a couples Dog for a week whilst they go out to the countryside.

I have not seen the Dog yet but sounds all OK. So far work wise only major issues have not been because of me but i am sure i have helped, recently the people who provide all of the emails from the USA decided that we did not need a catch all address that worked so today i had to set up 40 odd forwarding address's manually, but the advantages is if you spell someone's name wrong you will get to know about it a bit earlier.

Still no camera so the flat tour will have to wait. Shame that the snow is leaving gradually, it is only in the shade at the moment which means it makes some weird shapes around fences and railings and makes you think its raining when the roof decides to defrost.

Pray all is OK and you are all doing well.


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