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just updating this for the weekend, i have had a very good time in bethany so far, I have found they have 2 broadbands connections, 2 wireless routers and 10 computers ranging from 300 mhz to dual processor 2ghz machines. Windows 98 to Vista, so i a nice range, they also seem to have 6 scanners and 12 or so printers and 30 odd dial up cables.
As well as more small stuff i have not counted.

The island here is lovely i have gone on several hikes around exploring, 2 hours today which is why i am now feeling knackered, and i have only been around half the island so far and i havent explored much of the inside. Although it does seem to be almost all hill and coast with not much flat land. (if any)
But there is plenty of wildlife I have seen a snake but no photo as it was too fast, but i do have a photo of a room mate as shown in my picture section although he seems to be keeping himself hidden.
I posted the video for andrew of the hydrofoil and one of the hotel room i stayed at in the main island.
Hope all is well and that karen has delivered the lump!


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