Sunday Evening

Morning Everyone

hope you have all had a productive Sunday or are in the middle of doing so! I also hope you think my Blog looks a bit prettier and easier to work out, who I am and what I am doing! I am also working on a on line photo album but I am still working out what needs to be included etc..

i went to st. Andrews church,Kowloon this morning which was very Anglican/ traditional English so not much change from home, then went out for lunch then went around the market's in Kowloon, loads of live fish,crabs plastic bags, and a lot of flowers. It was all a bit a crowded and a bit much but was good to see. No photo's as i forgot my camera card!

It was a bit far to go to church though consisting of 2 ferry's and a 5-10 minute bus ride, but for the odd visit was good, There is not really a English church on the island, so the Phillips philosophy is whilst you are travelling you might as well go to the one you like.

They were though a bit more technical than all-saints with a proper permanent sound-desk and TV screens and a projector screen that rolled down from the ceiling from a remote control so that everyone can see what is going on. The TV screens would even show a camera's view of what's happening up front for those who could not see.

But equally the TV screens do look a bit ugly when switched of, but the automatic rolling screen would save some effort.

The Service was definitely not much different from the UK apart from being a bit warmer and breezier. As the doors were left open.

Hope all is well in the UK.


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  1. How I envy that church. I've got to put up our screen this evening (though I'll get one of the trained monkeys to operate it tonight).

    Whats with the kudos thing?



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