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I am now writing this in notepad as that is what i used to write my old blog as that kept timing out on me as well! but at least with notepad it can keep up with my typing and keep my spelling mistakes.
I am now in bethany ministries after 3 hectic days in hong kong, trying to get over the jet lag, my stomach keeps waking me up at 3 am expecting a evening meal despite the fact it got one a few hours before hand.
In hongkong on the saturday we all came out to the island so the parents could see Bethany ministries, so after lunch we even managed to get my mum up the hill to see it, the original plan was that only me and my dad where to visit but my mum insisted! but the wheel chair here helped a bit.
Then on sunday in the morning we went to a church called Ambassdors church in a very posh hotel in the city and then went for lunch with a family that my parents knew up near the peak followed by a 5km hike/ dog walk around the peak with-out Mum but with Dog and the son called Thomas. But lovely view, it is good to stand on god's creation and look down on what are some of the biggest of man's creation. when there is gap's in the tree's that is.
After that we went down the peak tram which was almost literatly straight down. more of a big lift at a odd angle, and a better view.
The hotel we stayed in was very good, friendly staff, although they tried to keep you away from seeing the actual menu and even when you have it they tried to get your order from you very quickly and when you sent 1 away another quickly resumed the helping! Although I was impressed that they remember what we had ordered the previous night, so after I had Boddington's the first day I had to have one the next few days as well. But the freshly cooked pizza's they had where lovely, you ask for ham to be on it with pineapple and it was parma ham which tastes far better.
The boat trip out here was fantasic got plenty of pictures of boats for andrew collier and even a short video he will enjoy which I will post soon , probably not today.
Although having to do the boat trip 3 times yesterday on the same slow boat due to my dad giving me my Mum's passport and me not checking up on him. But there Taxi driver was doing well out of them at any rate.
Hope all is well at home. Time for me to go and see more of what John has got in store for me.


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