1 Week left in honkers

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Well I am going to be in Hong Kong for 1 more week, current plan is to head to Korea on the 2nd March, have a look around then head up to Mongolia on the 5th.

So please pray for wisdom for the extra improvements i can do here, making good use of my time, and that my flight from Korea to ub will go fine as there has been some winter difficulties at ub airport.

Life here is good at Bethany well recommended as a place to relax at once u get up the hill to it!! Think of the excitement of Eastbourne, climate of Malta with some Orientals around, combined with a bit of a Victorian feel due to the lack of cars.

It is very odd going back to the main city from here as life is a lot faster there!

Hope all is going well at home. Glad to hear there is another Sam in the church!


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