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Mornin Happy New year from a Lazy Blogger, I booked my ticket back to mongolia via Hong kong yesterday, so will be in hong kong on the 8th but how long it will take me to get to mongolia is another thing, 3-4 weeks is the plan!

here is the blogs you have missed out on due to a lack of posting them!


well im writing this in Berlin as I cant think of much do and i have 4 hours to kill and I have finally lost the Mongolians, they got confused on whether they belong to the EU or not but I guess the sign is only in English and German, and I spotted a English guy in the non EU section at any rate.
I am sitting outside enjoying the fact I am not cold despite the fact its supposedly 5 degrees C. Flight back has been fine we stopped at Moscow for a toilet break and got to stand around whilst the customs/ security people did there bit just to let us back on the same plane again. I was pleased to realise that I could still get a open water bottle on the miat flight not sure whether I will try it here. Especially as I would have to buy a new bottle!
The last week or so since Grant has left has been a nice mixture of busyness and quietness with less happening on the social side of things as I don't have a mobile phone to text people before they disappear for the evening / weekend. but equally I have needed the time to sort things out as I had to clear the flat of a lot of rubbish that had been gathered by me and Grant and the people before hand. As the flat is going to non-Jcs people and im not sure how soon they are going to move in so I had to finally clear out the fridge, including some dodgy looking pickles which im sure neither of us would eat or buy so they went straight in the bin.

At this point a guy from the flight wanted to be friendly so I left it and forgot about it till now! But I did get a free apple strudel and a coke of him!
But now I should get back to tidying my room as I have a new wardrobe arriving later

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