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Time for a sussex journey story, went down to brighton today in my car with the faulty radio, spotted a learner ahead going in to ditchling and a car going the other way so being short on petrol started to glide.

Then heard a crack in front of me on the right hand side, wacked the brakes to stop as a Tree fell down blocking the road between myself and the learner, everyone all right fortunatly!

Took a while to go around via bugs hill and hassocks. Phoned the police and they seemed a bit surprised, even asked for the house number which wasnt really needed as i think you would notice it driving down the road!

but i didnt wait around for them to show up.

Story in the middy

MID Sussex experienced winds of up to eighty miles an hour this morning with fallen trees creating problems for motorists.
West Sussex County Council's Highways and Transport Team said at least 40 trees had fallen onto roads around the county with a tree fall on the railway line at Arundel causing delays of up to 50 minutes across the Southern Railway network.
In East Sussex, part of Ditchling High Street was closed when a mature tree fell across the road at North End near Dumbrells workshops. Another tree fell at Newick, causing delays along the A272.
School buses did run but there were some delays. Two schools - St Peter's Church of England School, Ardingly, and Shipley Primary School near Cowfold, were closed because they had no power, and there were further power-cuts elsewhere, including parts of Hurstpierpoint.
A spokesman for EDF Energy said: "In Hurstpierpoint a fault interrupted power supplies to 56 customers. Engineers are working to restore these supplies as quickly as possible.
"We are aware that a number of overhead power lines have been brought down and would urge people to stay away from these as some may still be live."
A Flood Watch is in place along the whole of the Sussex coastline, which is being battered by 30-foot high waves.
Pictured: A fallen tree in Ditchling. Picture by Tomek Henke.

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