Jobs well done


Had a good week or so since the last blog, all the new computers are installed and ready. Having fun deciding what to do with the old ones, although 2 of which are heading straight to the bin as one died just before the person finished using it so hopefully their new one will do better. Had quite a few people interested in the machines so will be interesting to find out the final result, plenty of spare monitors at any rate.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Monriko School where there is this lady who is here with JCS called Silvia where we were going to show a film and discuss it.

we get all set up and hear that we can only have the kids for 20 mins but it went ok as we showed them 15 mins then discussed the film for a bit. The plan is to show the rest of the film in 2 weeks time. The film being the one about Jim Elliot (missionary) visiting the Ecuadorian jungle after his father died to one of the tribe’s people in the Amazon basin seems a long time since I was there.

On the church side of things the week of anniversaries is coming up with the bigger church I go on a Sunday celebrating its 14th year with a joint Mongolian and English service and my Thursday church celebrating doing a English service for 1 year.

God Bless


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