Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, I am having a nice quiet Saturday afternoon so I thought I would update the blog, Been shopping this morning out in the snow getting a few presents and generally fighting to stay up right as the snow falls melts just before it hits the ground then freezes to ice when it touches the cold ground make it almost a good ice rink if it wasn’t for the dry and bumpy bits.
Went for lunch by myself at Dave's place the local (ish) English pub to have a good ale and burger, which is underground with no window's etc. and it was very odd to walk out to the main square where everything was white and the sky was blue so much of a colour difference. Although fortunately not much of a temperature difference with my big coat and the fact it has got slightly warmer with the snow as it was getting below 0 Fahrenheit, I have stopped reading the Celsius reading at it just makes it feel even colder!
It is odd though in the office having the Philips no longer around but it doesn’t matter to much as I still know loads of other people and we have visitors, I even had a lady visit the office who was on the way home to new Zealand from Sudan who knew of Phil.
In answer to one of the few comments to my blog, cheers mike, currently we are still sticking to windows with open sourced/ freeware items on top, so that the only licence to pay for is the windows one. As it is hard to find a Linux distribution that does everything we want and support networking correctly. We have one machine set up which is just for internet use as it has a hard time accessing the network but is fine for the web.
Tonight’s plan is for Grants goodbye do, it will be odd to be in this country with out him, and having this flat properly to myself, although it will only be for a short while. I will probably go to my last Mongolian service tomorrow with grant and stay on for the English service if we are not up to late tonight, I did it last week and we stayed for this food called harshaw’s (or something sounding similar) (basically beef with the fat in a pancake type substance deep fat fried, very healthy.) where out of the 60 served to our group of 15 (mostly kids), I had 9 and this guy who challenged me had 7. I could have had 10 but it seemed greedy to order more! Did mess up the stomach for the next few days due to all the liquid fat I had consumed,



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  2. This is Ju hee
    Why don't you check email?
    I wonder your news.
    Where are you now?
    England or South Africa?
    I have decided to work one more year in Mongolia.
    I'll go to UK on 18th this month.
    I want to see you in London.
    And I read your tales joyfully.

  3. Mornin sorry for the mix-up my emails must not be getting to you from my main account will try some other accounts.



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