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Um seems I haven’t written in this for a while, glad 1 person noticed the deliberate error on my last blog, which is now fixed. Well since my last blog I failed to have a bonfire night wasn’t any fireworks anywhere!!

And barely remembered Remembrance Day but at least I knew it was, unlike some people who I watched a film with last night. But it seems the Swiss don’t have anything to remember like that and the others took a bit of prompting to remember. But as it was already late we didn’t go into it.

At work on Thursday I finally did my presentation on the new software I introduced which I would have rather done before installing all the software! But it went OK , I managed to keep the meeting up for a hour and a half as scheduled and answered most of the questions. I already knew most of the limitations which should help. I'm hopefully going meet some of the other charities like world vision to see how they do things. It is odd to talk to Mongolians about stuff like 'control panel' as they do not even know that Microsoft do non English version of the software. Although I am glad that they use the English version and not the Chinese or Russian ones.

The church anniversaries went well, there was double the people at the Thursday service (70 odd) including John Philips who admitted it just wasn’t his style. Although Grant preached on Deuteronomy which went down well. Spoke to one of the locals after the service who said that it was good that I was quick when I preached although I couldn’t tell whether that was cause I was over quick or that she knew she didn’t have a chance to understand so didn’t try.

The Sunday anniversary was a lot bigger with several hundred people packed in to the church, was interesting to have talks translated the other way from Mongolian to English, instead of the other way round. They even had people standing and loads of presentations for awards of which we had no idea what was happening.

Was very odd during the singing when they flicked between a Mongolian and English version of a song and back again, it was almost as if it all suddenly became clear then fogged up again. It was good to see quite a few Christians though as it seems quite often Mongolians don’t make it to meetings etc.

Well have fun


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  1. Hi Tom
    As a big Linux and open source fan, are you finding it useful out there or sticking to Windows/Microsoft?

    By the way, I saw your dad on the bus the other week, he pointed me to the web site. He seems very proud!

    Mike Diack


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