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Well I got told off the other day for not updating the blog! So guess I could now ;) I have been quite busy since I last spoke having arrived back from Erdinet with 2 full weeks of work and socializing most evenings although last weekend we said goodbye to 2 more people. So this weekend has been a bit quieter. Although should still be quite a few people at the English service this afternoon. Although it’s always impressive how many Mongolians go to a foreign language service, I doubt so many English would!

At work everyone is getting ready for the board meeting next week whilst I am getting ready for getting 10 new computers and moving people across to Imap from pop3 so that emails are on the server and the local machine for everyone. As well as few other things I am working on like automated installs and making it so the computers can receive updates easier.

Grant also did his testimony the other week at the Thursday church which was good and they had an English teacher from Korea who to be honest wasn’t the best English speaker! But at least she's here and was able to give a good testimony that night.

On Friday I went down to the bar at the English embassy which had very few chairs, but we managed to nab them as we went early it wasn’t very pub like and they didn’t have any ale and only 2 darts but i have heard its better than what the other embassies offer. Also was oddly smoke free which made it feel even less like a pub!

Also I am thinking maybe of coming out next year February till November when hopefully I will have time to do other stuff as well as working with computers and see what the other projects are doing. As well as other things I have not been able to do in my time here.

At work on Friday I got Jiguur the Mongolian IT lady I work with to do a computer based test, I found which I only got 68% with a pass rate of 80%, she gave up after 10 or so questions, which took her ages, but was a good way to teach her a few things and practice the English.

Hope everyone enjoyed Rupert and Olga's wedding and I hope they are having too good a honeymoon to read this ;).

Well I wrote that Sunday and due to website glitches and a bad memory i have only just got around to posting it. Since then i have had a good couple of days, nothing to exciting on Monday, but yesterday finally got the windows updates program to work, and now it is easy to see how far behind the computers are on there updates quite impressively so. Went around to one of the JCS teachers last night to help with her apple mac and get her fully set-up despite the fact she has been in the country for over 6 months, was good to talk to her and was discussing with her what to do when i get back i might go and help in her school for instance. To help the kids get better use of the equipment they already have.

Sitting here in a nice empty office this morning as John mark and everyone else is in the board meeting and the pc i set up for the board meeting seems to be on my desk and working fine so i don't know what the issue was with it. maybe they were not listening when i told them the password, checks fine here.

God Bless


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